First Consultations - edit - smallWe founded Manor Gardens as a School for Mothers in 1913 when 1 in 10 children did not live to see their first birthday. This was the same year Arsenal FC moved to Islington. We successfully helped local mothers learn the best ways to look after their children and then, once local infant mortality dropped, we expanded our work to a variety of community services, from friendship networks for older people to healthy eating courses for community groups.

Our new book – A Century of Service in Health and Social Care (£12.50 + £2.50 p&p) – is packed full of stories from our eventful first 100 years, from tea parties with the Queen Mother to thrifty cots made from banana crates!

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A small amount can go a long way

While £12.50 might seem like a small amount, it can help local people improve their quality of life. £12.50 can pay towards equipment for 10 stroke survivors to regain their strength, and even cover volunteer expenses that ensure an older person gets the weekly call they’ve been waiting for. £12.50 more than pays for the official exam paper that gives a young care leaver the chance to earn their very first qualification. Click here to help Islington residents improve their quality of life by purchasing this fascinating read.