Physical wellbeing
As part of our Wellbeing Service we occasionally help local residents to cook and eat healthy meals, taste foods from around the world, look after their hearts and adopt healthier lifestyles. We can also run cook and taste sessions for people with learning difficulties and vulnerable adults to enable them to get and stay healthy by learning independent life skills such as practical cooking and shopping.

Accredited training in Food Safety
We provide accredited CIEH training in Food Safety qualifications (Levels 1 and 2) which are useful in a wide variety of careers and volunteering opportunities. We can put on tailored paid-for courses for groups of six people or more.

In association with Islington’s Adult and Community Learning service, we provide free courses in Food Safety qualifications (Levels 1 and 2) if you’re receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance or ESA and are also an Islington resident, or a parent with a child in an Islington school. Get in touch to find out more! Contact wellbeing@manorgardenscentre.orgto find out when the next course is running.