We’re Friendship Network. We know that as we get older it can become more difficult to meet new people, make new friends and find out the information you need. So, if you’re aged over 55 and living in Islington, and looking to make a new friend, we can help.

Becoming a member of our network

When you become a member of our Friendship Network, we match you with a volunteer who will visit or phone, once a week or more, to chat about whatever’s on your mind. We’ll make sure to match you with someone who shares your interests, whether that’s Corrie, EastEnders, dancing or WWII, you can meet someone who’s looking forward to a good chat. You can go on a trip to the local park, or out for a cuppa in your favourite local cafe. It’s always good to talk to someone with something in common with you!

Making sure everything is OK

Your new friend can also make sure you’ve everything you need. Our volunteers have access to lots of useful sources, local links and information about local services and benefits that you can make use of. We’ve got lots of trusted connections with local handy-men, plumbers and computer savvy volunteers who can help with whatever life throws at you.

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