Our Staff

Central team

Phillip Watson, Chief Executive – phillip@manorgardenscentre.org

William Meghoma, Director of Finance and Administration – william@manorgardenscentre.org

Felicity Ford, Director of Fundraising and Development – felicity@manorgardenscentre.org

Norma Parsad, Centre Manager – norma@manorgardenscentre.org

Kim Evans, Admin Assistant – kim@manorgardenscentre.org

Julia Thinn, Finance Assistant – julia@manorgardenscentre.org

Jacek Slotwinski, Residential Site Manager – Jacek@manorgardenscentre.org


Health Advocacy Service

Ben Munro, Project Manager – ben@manorgardenscentre.org

Ros Colman Jerram, FGM Project Manager ros@manorgardenscentre.org

Leyla Hussein, Dahlia Project Co-ordinator – leyla@manorgardenscentre.org

Alev Erce, Project Worker – alev@manorgardenscentre.org

Alima Dimonekene, FGM Caseworker and Trainer (Newham FGM Prevention Service) – alima@manorgardenscentre.org

Rita Buhanda, FGM Caseworker and Trainer (Newham FGM Prevention Service) – rita@manorgardenscentre.org

Jana Gigl, Bright Beginnings Co-ordinator – jana@manorgardenscentre.org

Ozlem Ozdemir, Maternity Mentor – ozlem@manorgardenscentre.org

Liliana Diaz-Ramirez, Maternity Mentor – Liliana@manorgardenscentre.org

Najuma Ali, Maternity Mentor – Najuma@manorgardenscentre.org

Natalia Spassova, Maternity Mentor – Natalia@manorgardenscentre.org

Mariam Suliman, Maternity Mentor – Mariam@manorgardenscentre.org


Friendship Network and Young Roots Project

Ed Bartram, Project Manager – Ed@manorgardenscentre.org


Manor Gardens Pre-School

Shade Arowolo, Manager – Shade@manorgardenscentre.org

Sharon Wait, Deputy Manager – Sharon@manorgardenscentre.org

Obilana Oluwaseun Ololade, Deputy Manager – lolly@manorgardenscentre.org

Sue Gaskell, Early Years Practitioner – sue.gaskell@manorgardenscentre.org

Staries Joseph, Early Years Practitioner – staries@manorgardenscentre.org

Paulita Aurelio, Assistant – paulita@manorgardenscentre.org


Wellbeing Service

Susan Farjana-Thomas, Wellbeing Service Manager – susan@manorgardenscentre.org

Tanya Barth, Wellbeing Outreach Worker – Tanya@manorgardenscentre.org

Tai Ibitoye, Wellbeing Outreach Worker (Healthy Lifestyles) – tai@manorgardenscentre.org

Lauren Chandler, Wellbeing Development Worker – lauren@manorgardenscentre.org


Stroke Service 

Jessica Lubin, Project Manager – jessica@manorgardenscentre.org

Hugh Powell, Outreach Co-ordinator – Hugh@manorgardenscentre.org