therapy landscape

At Manor Gardens, we understand that sometimes you need someone to talk to about life’s challenges. Perhaps you’re in a difficult situation, or perhaps you’re feeling down and you’re not sure why. We run and host a variety of therapy and counselling services here at Manor Gardens – so whatever it is you’re looking for, we hope you can find it.

Talking about mental health

If you’re interested in changing people’s minds about mental health, helping to influence the world and create safer, more supportive communities for people experiencing mental health issues, then see how you can become a Mental Wellbeing Champion.

Supporting those affected by FGM

We’re running London’s only FGM Support Group run by and for survivors. Find out more here.

I’m an Islington resident looking for free therapy

Islington is the most stressed borough in London. If you’re an Islington resident and find yourself in a difficult situation, you could be eligible for free therapy services from iCope. These range from one-to-one and guided self-help, to group therapy and training, and could make a real difference to your mental wellbeing. Telephone 0203 317 7252 or visit the iCope website.

I’m a young refugee looking to talk about my experiences

If you are a young person who’s arrived in the UK after fleeing political violence, The Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile, based at Manor Gardens, could help you find someone to talk to and a therapy that suites you, from group therapy, to talking therapy or music therapy. Find out how.

I’m a woman looking for therapy tailored to me

Women’s Therapy Centre are based at Manor Gardens with over 35 years’ experience delivering specialist therapy services that are the most effective at addressing the problems faced by women. If you’re looking for low-cost individual or group therapy, then the people at Women’s Therapy Centre could help. Find out how.

I’m looking for group therapy for gay or bisexual men 

North London Group Therapy run fortnightly group therapy sessions at Manor Gardens for bisexual or gay men living in North London. If you’d like to talk about your relationships, feelings, life’s challenges, difficult emotions, work, changes and transitions in your life or figuring out what you want from life, this could be for you. Call 07531 009547 to find out more.

I’m the partner of a survivor of sexual abuse

Being the partner of a survivor of sexual abuse can come with its own difficult feelings, thoughts and emotions, from confusion and shame, to guilt, anger, depression and pain. If you’re looking for an open space to talk with others in the same situation as you, then North London therapy could help. Call 07714 028837 or visit the website and find out how.

I’m looking for therapy for my personal circumstances

Sometimes we can get so used to struggling through daily life that we overlook our concerns and forget there is support out there. The Therapeutic Consultants could help with a range of issues, from relationship counseling and family therapy, to addiction and dependency support. They can work with adults, adolescents and children and acute mental health disorders. Find out more.