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We believe that being able to change your life is important. That’s why we run and host a variety of training sessions and classes at Manor Gardens. We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. Read on and find out which training opportunities could suit your needs.

I’m looking for training to help me at work

Food safety in catering: if you deal with food in your workplace or cook at home then our training could be just what you need. You’ll learn how to cook, store and eat food safely, and get an accredited qualification (Levels 1 and 2) at the end. Visit our training page to find out more.

Manor Gardens provides training for professionals who work with women and young girls in all aspects of FGM.

We also run community workshops on all aspects of tackling health issues in newly arrived communities.

I’m looking for support to find work, training or education

Islington residents: Twining Enterprise know that the search for training, education or work can be stressful. If you’re an Islington resident, they can help with whatever support you want or need. And you do not need a medical mental health diagnosis. Find out more – call 020 8840 8833 or visit  the website.

Members of the African diaspora: The Mother Tongue & Supplementary Schools Partnership could help with training if you’re a member of the African Diaspora. Find out how.

I’m looking to live more healthily

Try healthier versions of your favourite dishes: if you’re concerned about your weight, your risk of diabetes or other diet-related illnesses, then our Cook and Taste courses could be for you. You’ll try out healthier recipes for your favourite foods, and even discover some new ones.

Find out how to keep your heart healthy: our hearts are probably the most important muscle in our body and we could all take better care of ours. If you’d like to learn how to look after your heart better, we run workshops that give you practical information to keep your heart healthy.

Find out about our courses here.

I’m looking for support from people like me

If you or a friend or relative have been affected by FGM, we provide support and advice through our Dahlia Project which brings together people with experience of FGM.